Sunday, November 17, 2019

The NAKEDLIST! Where You'll Find Canada's Finest Adult Services Providers...COMING THIS WEEK!

The *NEW* Naked Truth website will be UNVEILED in the next few days!

This is just the beginning, but to start, we will feature:
  • Adult Classifieds!
  • Profile Options for Sex Workers, Clients, and Allies!

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! All Sex Workers who register will receive $50 in credits to put towards creating and posting their ads!

We encourage you to sign up and post ads as soon as possible.

The quicker we populate the ad sections, the sooner clients will choose Nakedlist to find our services!


  • Nakedlist is by and for sex workers!  
  • $50 Credits when you sign up!
  • Opportunities to earn more credits, coming soon!
  • Crisis credits available on a case-by-case basis!
  • Create your own profile to further promote yourself to potential clients!
  • Our marketing team will constantly be promoting Nakedlist to attract new clients!
  • Coming soon... an internal system for screening clients!
  • Also coming soon... online health and safety certification for sex workers!


  • Nakedlist is by and for sex workers!  
  • Sex Workers appreciate your business!
  • Our affordable platform will draw sex workers from across Canada!
  • Create your own profile to let sex workers know you're awesome!
  • Our marketing team will constantly be promoting Nakedlist to attract new sex workers!
  • Coming soon... an internal system for screening workers!
  • Also coming soon... online health and safety certification for clients!


  • The Naked Truth Support Team is here to support you... to find out about resources available to you by location; to get help with signing up and creating ads; to start your own actions; and more!
  • We want you to help us make this site the perfect business resource for sex workers and a safe, welcoming space for sex workers, clients, and allies to connect.
  • A place to refer people to for health and safety training, peer support, and business resources that prioritize health and safety.
  • Coming soon... Free Classifieds section to advertise sex-worker-friendly businesses like: costume designers, photographers, drivers, and more. 
  • Also coming soon... A forum to collaborate and support each other.


The Naked Truth will immediately start advertising our Nakedlist platform on Leolist, Perb, Locanto, Twitter, and everywhere else we identify as hotspots for clients! (Suggestions appreciated!)

Please send your clients to The Nakedlist!


The Naked Truth has many more features coming soon!

Our amazing web developer is working his ass off to build the following features:

  • Subscription-enabled blog so you can get the get quality industry content emailed to you once a week.
  • Online health and safety certification for sex workers and clients.
  • Forums for collaboration and sharing information.
  • Sex-worker-exclusive screening tools and forums.
  • Free classifieds section for sex-worker-friendly businesses.

Thank you for following our journey and helping us make this dream come true!

We'll be contacting you in a few days to let you know that the new site is LIVE!

Love Annie, Susie, and Velvet xoxo

Friday, November 8, 2019

TEASER! Client Training Quiz...

Photo Credit: Charlie Smith / Georgia Straight

The *NEW* Naked Truth website is weeks away from launching!

We thought we'd share a sneak peek of the Client Training Quiz.

The Naked Truth will be offering free, online, health and safety training for sex workers.

We will also be training clients on health and safety, and how to be great clients!

Each certification will include a training manual and a quiz.

For more information about our plans, CLICK HERE.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or feedback of any kind, please let us know!

The following quiz will be given to clients who are interested in becoming "Certified" on The Naked Truth.

Certification benefits clients by teaching you:

  • How to be a great client.
  • Basic health and safety essentials.
  • The laws that affect clients and how you can protect yourself from being criminalized.
  • How to research a provider, so you can feel comfortable booking for the first time with someone new.
  • How to spot exploitation, such as human trafficking.
  • How to safely report exploitation if you witness it. 
  • How to navigate personal relationships with providers.
  • Proper etiquette for different types of sex industry venues.

The guide is very thorough but easy to read and mostly in point form.

The quiz is OPEN BOOK! We make it easy for you to succeed! 

Without further ado, here is...

The Quiz!

Please answer the following questions using your Trade Secrets Health & Safety Manual for Clients. 

This is an open book quiz. If you need assistance please contact the Naked Truth Support Center. We are happy to help! 

You may also use google or ask a friend for help in answering the questions!

1.) What are some benefits of being a sex industry patron? (Check all that apply)

a)       Time spent with interesting, beautiful providers

b)      Expectations for the experience are understood

c)       Thrill of doing something taboo

d)      Entertainment

e)      Tension Release

f)        Sense of well-being that improves physical and mental health

2.) Is it illegal to purchase sexual services in Canada?

a)       Yes

b)      No

3.) Are police in Vancouver and British Columbia arresting sex workers or clients for adult consensual exchanges of money for sexual services?

a)       Yes

b)      No

4.) Should you be ashamed for purchasing services from sex workers?

a)       Hell no! Sex Workers appreciate my business! It is an agreement between two consenting adults!

b)      Yes. It is wrong to enjoy sex worker services.

5.) How can you protect yourself from being outed or arrested? (check all that apply)

a)       Research sex workers before seeing them

b)      Look for professionalism, a good reputation, being established in the business

c)       Be discreet coming and going from appointments

d)      Read their ads and follow their social media to get a sense of who they are

6.) Do sex workers report clients and other people who harass, threaten, or assault them to police?

a)       No, sex workers are too scared of police.

b)      Yes! Sex workers are strong and fearless and don’t take any shit! They WILL report bad experiences when they feel it is necessary.

7.) If a sex worker asks a client or other person to stop contacting them and the person does not stop, can the sex worker report him to police for harassment?

a)       Yes. It is a crime to repeatedly contact a person against their wishes, and it is called harassment and sometimes stalking.

b)      No, repeatedly contacting someone is not against the law.

8.) What STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) can be spread through genital skin-to-skin contact without fluid exchange? (check all that apply)

a)       Herpes

b)      HPV

c)       Syphilis

d)      Gonorrhea

e)      Chlamydia

9.) Why do you pinch the tip of a condom when putting it on? (check all that apply)

a)       To let out any air

b)      To prevent the condom from breaking

c)       Because it makes me look like I know what I’m doing

10.) What should you do if you see a sex worker out in public? (check all that apply)

a)       Walk on by

b)      Ask during a session what the worker would prefer

c)       Respect the worker’s privacy

11.) Do sex workers give discounts to clients they find attractive? (check all that apply)

a)       Yes. Attractive clients deserve special treatment.

b)      No. Sex workers do not care about “physical attractiveness.” They care about cleanliness and being respected.

c)       Sometimes a regular client will get special treatment if a worker chooses but the reasons vary and usually have little to do with physical attractiveness.

d)      Some clients may receive services not offered to others at the worker’s discretion, usually for increased donation amount.

12.) What parts of your body should you pay extra attention to washing before visiting a sex worker? (check all that apply)

a)       Hair

b)      Ears

c)       Armpits

d)      Genitals

e)      Ass

f)        Feet

13.) What are ways to eliminate and manage bad breath? (check all that apply)

a)       Brush and floss teeth

b)      Use Mouthwash

c)       Breathe through nose during session, if possible

d)      Direct your breath away from worker’s face

14.) When do you give your donation to a sex worker? (check all that apply)

a)       Before the service begins.

b)      If using e-transfer, send and allow worker to accept before the service begins.

c)       At the end of the session.

15.) Are price and boundaries negotiable? (check all that apply)

a)       No

b)      Yes

16.) Who controls the session?

a)       The sex worker because it is their service and they are in charge

b)      The client because I’m the one paying

17.) When is it okay to ask questions? (check all that apply)

a)       After fully reading the ad or website and not finding the answer you’re looking for.

b)      During the session.

c)       Whenever I want.

18.) Why might a worker ignore a client? (check all that apply)

a)       He’s asking too many questions without booking

b)      He’s attempting to get free dirty chat through text or email

c)       He’s not following booking procedures as outlined in ad or on website

d)      He has been rude or behaved disrespectfully in some way

e)      He behaved aggressively, or disrespectfully, or pushed boundaries, or something during the last booking that made the worker unwilling to see him anymore

f)        He’s trying to engage the worker in chatting but they are busy and don’t want to chat

g)       He’s calling from a blocked number

h)      He has wasted the worker’s time too many times in the past

i)        He has not shown up for a past booking and did not cancel or let the worker know (no show)

19.) How can you be respectful to a stripper? (check all that apply)

a)       Don’t walk out during a performance.

b)      Clap after every song.

c)       To get attention, lay a tip on the stage.

d)      Refrain from taking photos or video of the stripper.

e)      Don’t bring a jealous girlfriend to the club.

f)        Do not insult other dancers.

g)       Give $5 or more in exchange for posters.

20.) If a sex worker is using manipulation such as crying or getting angry to abuse your generosity, what should you do? (check all that apply)

a)       Say no

b)      Ask for mutual respect

c)       Stop seeing the worker, if necessary

21.) What should you do if you arrive early for a booking? (check all that apply)

a)       Do not arrive early, if possible

b)      If you arrive early, stay in your car or away from the worker’s business/ building until they have told you they are ready to receive you.

c)       Do not knock/buzz/etc to gain entrance before your session time unless you have been given permission by the worker

22.) What should you do if you’ve witnessed exploitation? (check all that apply)

a)       Call Crime Stoppers – it's confidential – 1-800-222-8477

b)      Call the Counter Exploitation Unit or your local police service – if you are comfortable – they may ask for your personal information.

c)       Contact the Naked Truth Support Team and we will take your report to police so your confidentiality is protected

Please contact with any feedback you may have!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Devon Delacroix: Life After ‘Hard Labour’

By Peter Berton

Devon Delacroix is a professional writer, and a sex worker catering to male clients. He is also the retired author of Xtra’s ‘Hard Labour’ column (still available online). 

Hard Labour provides readers with fascinating insights into the real life of a male sex worker, the pantheon of sexual tastes they serve – and some unique adventures that are eye-opening and insightful.                                      

I have long been impressed by Devon Delacroix’s work, and regret the ending of Hard Labour. (There is nothing else quite like it on the web, as far as I know.) So I took a chance and contacted Devon if he would talk with us at ... and he did!

Peter Berton: Please tell us a bit about yourself, and why/how you became a male escort.

Devon Delacroix: I’d never really considered entering the sex business before I started. And it wasn’t something I thought would last. As I detail in one of my earliest columns “The Beginning” ( I’d already been working as a writer for several years and had finally managed to get to the point where I could make ends meet each month. But in the years since grad school, I’d racked up some credit card debt, mainly when I didn’t have enough cash to buy groceries. I’d found out that a friend of my ex (a forty-something silver-haired daddy) was a part-time escort.

Prior to this, I’d assumed male sex workers all looked like Chippendales, so it wasn’t something I thought I’d be able to do. But I figured if he was doing it, maybe there was space for a scruffy, lanky guy-next-door type like me. I decided to try it for a few months and, to my surprise, I found that I actually liked it. I’ve been at it almost fifteen years now and have no immediate plans to quit.

Peter Berton: How did your ‘Hard Labour’ come to be?

Devon Delacroix: I was already a regular contributor at Xtra (mostly writing arts and entertainment stories). I’d been thinking of writing about sex work for a while, but wasn’t sure what format to follow.

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about doing first person stories. Would people actually want to read another whore diary?

I approached the editor at the time and asked if he might be interested in a couple of columns on the topic. He was incredibly open-minded and supportive, giving me total freedom to do whatever I wanted, and the format just gradually emerged.

Peter Berton: How did writing this column change you, and what did you learn from doing it?

Devon Delacroix: It was exciting to have the chance to write something more narrative, since nearly all of my previous writing work leaned more towards reportage. I think the big discovery was that there was actually an interest in the subjects I was discussing.

Before I started the column, I’d spent some time scouring the internet, trying to find other guys writing about sex work. With the exception of a few rarely updated blogs, there just wasn’t much else out there, so it seemed like the column was potentially filling a void.

One of the things that’s been interesting is that, in terms of reader responses I’ve received, I’ve never had anyone who identified themselves as an escort approach me about the column. I’m actually kind of curious what other escorts think of it, whether it parallels their experiences in any way, and if it’s inspired any of them to share their own stories.

Peter Berton: What are the misconceptions about being a male escort that you were trying to dispel with your column?

Devon Delacroix: I don’t know that I was trying to dispel misconceptions, as much just share my own experiences.

I definitely had certain ideas of what a “typical” male escort looked like before I started working. But now I know there’s really no such thing. We run the gamut from barely-legal twinks to sixty-something daddy bears. In my case, I think I do break certain escort stereotypes in that I’m pretty well educated (having just completed a second masters degree and preparing to start my PhD) and that I’m the furthest thing from a party boy you can imagine (you’re much more likely to find me in yoga class than a nightclub).

I think maybe the biggest misconception people have about sex work is that they don’t think they know anyone who’s a sex worker. A lot of us are closeted or semi-closeted about our activities, because we don’t necessarily want our friends, relatives, or employers (because many of us have a second career) to know what we’re doing. No matter who you are, I can virtually guarantee that you know someone who’s turned tricks, whether or not they’ve told you.

Peter Berton: How has your perception of your clients changed over the years?

Devon Delacroix: I can’t say that the way I perceive my clients has changed much, though my clients definitely have. When I started out I was in my mid-twenties and nearly all of my clients were significantly older, mid-fifties and up. Now, in my late thirties, I probably have an equal number of clients who are younger than I am, including some guys who are nineteen or twenty.

I would also say that I’ve become a bit sharper over time, more able to judge what people like and which clients to avoid. Part of that may just be sexual maturity. As you have more sex and more sexual partners, you just get better at it.

Peter Berton: Why did you stop writing Hard Labour? And are you still in the business?

Devon Delacroix: After four years, it felt like the right time to step back and make some space for other folks who wanted to share their stories. I’m not sure what my immediate steps are writing-wise, though I’ve received a couple of arts council grants in the last year to work on a book.

I’m still working as an escort with no immediate plan to stop. When I started, I figured I’d do it for a few months to get my Visa bill under control. I decided to stick with it as long as I enjoyed it and I’m still enjoying it. I don’t know if I’ll make it to fifty, but you never know.

About the Author

Winner of the award for Favourite Adult Journalist, Peter Berton has written for Adult Video News, Klixxx, XBIZ, Xtra, and He likes to interview sex workers to tap into their vast knowledge about human nature, business marketing, work/life balance and succeeding as entrepreneurs.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

What About Married Men?

By Hallelujah Annie

A huge elephant in the sex worker's room, is the married man.

Wives have many perspectives on sex workers.

Some fear we are trying to steal their husbands.

Some consider us to be traitors - having sexual experiences with THEIR men. 

Some view us as sexual helpers, helping to spice things up. Our services are gifts for their husbands' birthdays.

Others don't want to know about us, but secretly hope their husbands would "just go to a sex worker," so they don't have to perform their wifely duties.

Some are sick or have lost all interest in sex and encourage their husbands to get their needs met through us.

I could go on, but you see what I'm saying. 

Sex Workers are not always viewed as "husband-stealing whores," but generally speaking, that is how we are stereotyped by mainstream society. 

As a sex worker, I have my own perspective.

I don't see my work as harming marriages.

The vast majority of my married clients absolutely LOVE their wives.

But they have been in no sex marriages for years!

Years of not being touched! I can't even imagine. 

Humans need and deserve human connection. And skin-to-skin touch is the Cadillac of human connection.

The men I see who are married are starved for touch.

Often, a naked hug is more profound for them than the happy ending.

Being touched, caressed, teased, held, and treated with tenderness and care - this is what they are missing from their marriages.

Wives learn that if they touch their husbands, sex will be expected. Having little to no sex drive, they stop touching their husbands!

Meanwhile, both partners are now being deprived of intimate touch. It's a tragedy!

The need for human touch and intimate connection.

Some of the messages I receive from married men are heartbreaking.
"It’s been 3-years now since, through a medical condition, my wife lost all interest in sex."

"My wife is in a care home with advanced dementia. I help with her care and bath. She has a hard time even knowing who I am. I haven’t been touched in 4 years."

"I love my wife very much but we have not had sex in approximately 8 years and I don't expect we will ever have it again."
These men are not unhappy in their marriages. They do not want to leave their wives or have affairs.

They have the utmost love and respect for their wives and do not want to pressure them for sex.

However, they have a deep and fundamental need to be touched. 

They have come to the conclusion that if they do not seek the services of a sex worker like me, they will probably never be touched again.

I watched a Tedx Talk about this issue, in which the speaker says straight out, "Ladies, have sex with your husbands before someone else does."

Spread the LOVE!

I believe that sexual intimacy should be available to everyone.

For some, it is available through sex workers like me.

For men in no sex marriages, my services are a solution to staying married.

I don't have designs on these men. 

I will not phone them in the middle of the night or ask them to leave their wives.

I will not judge them for wanting to be touched but not wanting to hurt the loves of their lives.

I consider my services the same as a therapist, or a nurse. A hairdresser, or a mechanic.

I provide a service that my clients need.

I do not make a judgment call about why they do or don't need it.

But I have to admit, when a married man is starved for touch, my heart goes out to him.

He would rather be touched by the woman he loves, with whom he has pledged his life.

But circumstances led him to me. 

I am a professional who offers intimacy, connection, and touch.

I can fulfill those needs, so my married clients can go home to their wives with that heavy burden lifted.

They can know that they are still desirable. They can know they are still able to give pleasure. 

They are not in love with me. They don't contact me between appointments. 

They appreciate me and respect me, and I would say some of us are even friends.

But I do not replace their wives in any way. 

I have been the wife...

I know what it's like to be a wife with no sex drive.

A few years back when I was very ill and married; I encouraged my husband to seek a sex worker.

I told him I didn't want to hear or know about it, but that I would not consider it cheating.

I have no idea if he used that opportunity or not. I hope he did.

One thing being a sex worker has taught me is that "no man is an island." They are human beings who need and desire human connection.

For some women who have lost their sex drive; being cuddled, held, and comforted is enough. 

Men, however, fulfill their intimacy needs through sexual connection.


When people ask me, "But don't you think it's wrong for married men to see sex workers?"

My answer is honest and I mean it.

No, I do not think it is wrong.

It's wrong for a spouse to withhold sex and expect their partner to rarely or never be touched again.

It's wrong for a spouse to carry on love relationships with two different people, while deceiving one or both.

But it is NOT wrong to be faithful in your heart and soul to your spouse, while also getting your intimacy needs met by a professional.

I see firsthand how important sexual connection is for emotional and mental health.

For that reason, I feel it is an honour and privilege to be fulfilling this need for my clients. xo 

About the Author

Hallelujah Annie is a mature, former exotic dancer who provides discreet, professional sensual massage services in her own space in White Rock, BC.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Meet Madison Winter: Girl-Next-Door Escort

By Peter Berton

Toronto premium escort Madison Winter ( is renowned for her beauty, brains, and business sense. 

She is a success story (my words, not hers) who is willing to share her story and personal experiences with the Naked Truth’s blog.

Peter Berton: How did you get in escorting, and why?

Madison Winter: As many people know, before escorting I worked full time in corporate asset management. At the time, while I loved aspects of what I did such as creating relationships, networking, and sales, I didn't love other aspects; like the long hours, fluorescent lights/cubicle environment, and everyone's favourite -- office politics.

It didn't even occur to me that escorting, or the world of companionship, even existed until stumbling across movies and TV programs including Sugar Babies and Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

I've always lived alone and, for the most part, enjoyed the single girl lifestyle. While most of the media portrayals of escorts are sad and relatively dark, that wasn't how I perceived it. Watching these shows all I saw was financial freedom, independence, and sexy adventures.

As it turns out, I was correct.

Almost immediately upon dabbling in the industry, I quit my job, built a professional website, hired a stellar accountant, and never looked back.

Peter Berton: What your first escort experience was like?

Madison Winter: I still know and keep in contact with my very first client! He is a soft-spoken, quite good looking (in my opinion), mid-forties gent with an Australian accent. The physical and emotional attraction was mutual, and it didn't feel like "work" in any sense.

This particular client was familiar with seeing escorts -- he was always conscious of the time, my boundaries, and made an effort to be considerate and respectful. We both immediately clicked and spent numerous wonderful dates together.

I'm extremely lucky in the sense that he set a standard. I had no idea men could be so lovely.

Peter Berton: How has your career evolved over time?

Madison Winter: Evolve it has! In numerous ways, I've had to adapt to the varying supply/demand of my time. I've learned of peak and not-so-peak calendar periods, and make an attempt to structure time off around that.

Additionally, altering my rate structure and fees relatively regularly has helped me to mitigate demand and balance it with my own personal burnout.

When I began my career, I met with most clientele for short durations; an hour here, an hour there. Often at times, I saw numerous clients a day.

As I get older, I'm learning that I can't accept every request, and have to structurally organize downtime in my calendar. Now, I strategically promote dates of longer durations and focus on the quality of our interaction, rather than the quantity of clientele. 

Peter Berton: What you have learned about marketing/protecting yourself in the escort industry?

Madison Winter: I take a relatively unusual approach to marketing in the sense that I'm completely transparent online.

I utilize social media almost to an extreme and post almost everything that occurs in my daily life, on numerous platforms. I'm always conscious not to reveal details that would put my safety at risk, but still maintain a relatively open-book marketing policy.

It's time-consuming, but it's free, and I believe brings in a more suitable  client for me.

When I first began my career, I truly believed that respect from my peers and clients would come if I appeared to be a "luxury" provider. The jury's still out on what that means, but essentially, I'd organize photoshoots wearing beautiful dresses, designer shoes, and try to appear more ethereal and feminine.

Over time, and after many mismatched dates where I couldn't meet the expectations I'd set about myself, I learned to market myself more truthfully.

Now, I refer to myself as the "girl next door." I'm into rock music. I'm into ripped jeans. I'm probably going to curse.

I became unapologetic and honest about the kind of girl you'd be meeting, and it worked.

Peter Berton: What are your thoughts on current client attitudes and trends; including the impact of cybersex on client behaviours?

Madison Winter: You know, I have mixed feelings about this one.

On one hand, I see trends towards longer engagements, more social interaction and relationship-based dates, and on the other, I see a rise in porn's influence in PSE style requests, particularly from the younger clientele.

Over the course of my career, and my friends’ careers, we've seen a shift from single hour bookings to multi-day bookings where we truly connect with our date and establish this long term relationship. I can't help but wonder if that's due to our branding and the growth that's occurred within it over the years -- or because client attitudes are shifting.

Simultaneously, sexual content is everywhere. It's in our media, and for free on just about any platform imaginable.

I find that some clients -- in my experience the men under 35 -- seem to visit with a preconceived screenplay for specifically how the date's going to go down. They'll arrive with a checklist, and it's more about the sexual act and agenda than the entirety of the experience.

I don't believe one is good and the other is inherently bad, or vice-versa;  but it seems to come at both extremes. I suppose as a provider, it's our job to either become a chameleon and cater to both, or choose whichever niche you enjoy most.

Peter Berton: What are your words of wisdom for other SPs (especially newbies),  and your plans for the future?

Madison Winter: This is going to sound cliche, and super bumper-stickeresque, but please -- BE YOURSELF.

That is the single most valuable piece of advice I could give any fellow provider. It's the thing that revamped and revitalized my business.

Too often, we compare ourselves with others; especially given the rise of marketing and interaction on social media. However, it's easy to forget that we all have different strengths, weaknesses, things that we enjoy and don't enjoy.

There is no 'right' way to escort. The industry is vast and complex. So market yourself AS yourself (to the extent of your comfort, of course) and choose a clientele and business plan that suits your personality.

It's the easiest way, I've found, to enjoy your work more and reduce emotional burnout. 

About the Author

Winner of the award for Favourite Adult Journalist, Peter Berton has written for Adult Video News, Klixxx, XBIZ, Xtra, and He likes to interview sex workers to tap into their vast knowledge about human nature, business marketing, work/life balance and succeeding as entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Client Perspective: It's More Than Just...

By Mike Gale
“I’m very fortunate that I have a sex worker in my life.”

Chances are pretty good that you haven’t heard that confession too often - but I just made it.

The reason I’m so fortunate to have a sex worker in my life is very simple – she was there to help me through a very difficult time.

I always thought I was very good at dealing with stress – it was part of my work environment and when my wife battled cancer I surprised myself and found strength I never knew I had. But she lost.

It’s been 5 years since my wife passed away – the love of my life – 25 incredible years of marriage – the bar was set so high. Friends have tried setting me up, and I appreciate their efforts very much, but I am very content living a single life.

Now I’m not about to be turned out to pasture - I still have a pulse and a very active lifestyle.

One day I noticed an ad on a website and it piqued my interest so I took the first step.

Always believing in the old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained."

What started as a two-hour massage appointment grew into several more sessions.

Over time a relationship began to develop. A level of trust was built along with mutual respect and boundaries.

We’ve opened up about our lives. I’ve witnessed what an incredibly dedicated mother she is - proudly sharing photos of her children. 

Her business savvy would be welcomed in any corporate boardroom...and the passion she puts into a project that she’s developing is inspiring.

Earlier this year I received news that cancer had reared its ugly face again.

My brother's doctor didn’t pull any punches – Bowel Cancer -  maybe two months to live.

I stood strong for my wife; this time, however, my knees buckled.

It would only seem logical that I would talk to a close friend about this new stress I was under. But I didn’t. My sex worker friend was the first person I told.

Naturally people would find it very strange that I would confide such tragic news to someone I had only met a few months earlier. 

But it was the simple moments of being in her presence and speaking without the need to always touch that helped me deal with the stress.

Intimate connections can be formed in many different ways, but at the center remains a meaningful friendship.

I treasure my close friends, I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by them. 

But I’ve found over the years there can be real value in the words that come from someone new…they see the situation through their eyes, they have no baggage, and they have no strings attached to the words they speak. Something that is most appreciated in difficult times.

In fact, it was just a few words that she said which really helped turn things around for me. Would those same words have come from a close friend?

I’ve asked myself that question and the simple answer is “NO."

I’ve never tried to figure out why certain people walk through our lives when they do. Some pass through quickly, others stay...regardless, each one leaves an imprint on our lives.

Is every relationship we encounter conventional? Do they have to be?

Honestly, life would be pretty boring if they were.

I’ve traveled the world for 21 years and yet I know she’s experienced more than I am. 

I’ve never known the cold shoulder from someone once they’ve discovered your profession..and I’ve never been put in a position of having children unable to play with their friends because your line of work didn’t fit the “norm."

Yet through it all, she remains gentle and compassionate.

I don’t view this relationship any different from the ones I already have. My friends know that if they needed anything I would be there...and I would do the same for her.

Regardless of her profession she deserves to be treated equally - - and I do...because as the title says:

“It’s More than Just...”

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Profile: Emma Alexandra’s Insights on Sex Work

By Peter Berton

There are those who do sex work for a few months, and then there are those who enjoy a profitable long-term career as a high-end service provider (SP).

Emma Alexandra ( definitely fits into the second category. 

Although she started escorting to make ends meet, Emma soon found that she had a knack for the profession and stuck with it as a money-making venture. (The fact that she loves sex didn’t hurt.)

Years later, Emma Alexandra remains an extremely popular SP. Although she is based in Montreal, Emma’s client base encompasses the world.

The Naked Truth’s Peter Berton caught up with Emma recently, to learn what she’s learned over a long, successful career.

Peter Berton: Why did you decide to become an escort?

Emma Alexander: I mostly got into escorting because I had one of those deadbeat ex-husbands.  Really I didn't know much about it.

I saw an ad in the paper looking for ladies. I thought, “why not try it?” After all, I love sex and meeting new people. Why not get paid to do what you love? We all want a job we love, don’t we?

Peter Berton: So what was your first experience with a client like?

Emma Alexander:
I was lucky: It was also the guy's first experience, so we just made out like old lovers. I will admit I was as nervous as hell, but in the end, it was great.

Peter Berton: How has your career as an escort evolved over time?

Emma Alexander:  I went from working for an agency to an independent in a matter of months. Once I learned the ropes, I jumped right into being an indy.

I travelled a lot. Really it was for other things, but someone suggested working in their city. I thought, “what the hell! Let’s do this!” So off I went on an exciting adventure to a new city and country and city. These days, I tour lots of places.

Peter Berton: How do you market yourself, to stand out among the competition?

Emma Alexander: Marketing myself was and is easy – just being myself and being good at what I do.

Peter Berton: You have raised a family while being an SP. How have you balanced kids and career?

Emma Alexander: My sons have always been great. Once they were old enough, I told them what I do; not the acts, of course, but being a companion.

I think they’ve learned a lot from me about how to treat a lady. They're very nice young men. I'm a proud mother.

Peter Berton: What is your funniest SP story?

Emma Alexander: On a date with a fireman, I had my place set out to be all romantic; candles lit, music, the whole thing.

He decided to do a striptease for me. Well, his shirt hit the candles and all hell broke loose!

Thank God we saw the smoke. It was funny watching him -- naked – putting out the fire and shutting off the fire detector!

Peter Berton: Wow! So what are your thoughts on current client attitudes and trends; including the impact of cybersex on client behaviours?

Emma Alexander: Men nowadays aren’t like they used to be. There used to be so many gentlemen. Now there's a lot of “hey, what's up? You available?”

I can't be bothered with that bullshit, You want to spend quality time with me? Form a complete sentence!

Peter Berton: To finish off, would you have words of wisdom for other SPs  –  especially newbies?

Emma Alexander: Save, save, save. You're only young once!

About the Author

Winner of the award for Favourite Adult Journalist, Peter Berton has written for Adult Video News, Klixxx, XBIZ, Xtra, and He likes to interview sex workers to tap into their vast knowledge about human nature, business marketing, work/life balance and succeeding as entrepreneurs.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Ultimate Business Resource for Sex Workers is Almost Here!

By Annie Temple

We are getting close to rolling out the Beta version of The *new* Naked Truth website!

After announcing our plans for the new site a few weeks ago, we received a lot of interest and support!

Thank you!

As expected, there were questions and concerns.

This week's blog post is in response to those questions and concerns.

When the new site goes live, the following information will be in effect. 

For more context, I will repeat some info from our announcement here:

The Naked Truth is owned and operated by sex workers.

We are activists on the forefront of sex worker actions. 

We are tired of others making money off our backs, while being constantly turned down for funding.

Our years of activism, research, program creation / coordination / implementation, and our lived experience have led us to seek solutions to our challenges.

The Naked Truth (Revision 69, as I like to call it) will be the manifestation of our collective vision as a community.

It is based on the work we, as individuals and groups, have done over the past several years and the concerns you have shared.

What you are about to witness is history in the making!

Thanks to our amazing website designer...

  • The *NEW* Naked Truth will offer you affordable advertising for your services and a profile to use in your promotions.
  • The classifieds section will also allow sex workers and allies to share things like work-spaces for rent and SW friendly businesses.
  • We will have an internal system for screening clients and opportunities for you to recommend and report clients using our system.
  • We will also have an automated system for reporting bad experiences, with an easy search function, available only to sex workers.
  • We will provide essential online training for sex workers earning members "certifications" that will let clients know we are safe and professional.
  • We are already working with police and other outside agencies to recognize the certifications of our members.
  • Our goal is to lower and potentially end the enforcement of Canada's deadly laws around sex work.
The *NEW* Naked Truth will be a central resource that encompasses the above "most accessed and sought" resources for sex workers.

  • Our Partner Organization is the BC Coalition of Experiential Communities. Together, we are a resource for any Canadian sex worker to contact for support. We will do our best to connect SW's with resources they need and offer unlimited guidance for anyone seeking membership or certification on our site.
  • We will provide a safe forum for SW's to have respectful discussions. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Our Adult Classifieds will be the most affordable on the internet and we will provide opportunities for sex workers to get credits they can put towards ads, as well.
  • We will have a secret client alert available only to sex workers who are certified or vouched for by someone who is certified.

To read the full announcement, click here.

Thank you to those who bravely challenged our plans and asked important questions about what we're doing!

Please read through this post and send us MORE questions and concerns, if you have any!

We will do our best to respond to you quickly and it will help us develop our FAQ page.

We need your help to ensure the new Naked Truth is inclusive, safe, and easy to use.

Our vision is to become The Ultimate Business Resource for Sex Workers in Canada!

Our mission is:
  • to provide sex-worker-driven, accessible resources, tools, and supports that prioritize health, safety, ethical business practices, and training for sex workers and our clients;
  • and to promote a voluntary system of self-regulation in the Canadian sex industry.

A lot of you had questions about the certification process and about how we are engaging police with our efforts.

Read on to learn more about our plans...

What does it mean to Get Certified?

Trade Secrets Certification:

  • Brings occupational health and safety to our industry;
  • Gives us access to health and safety resources, should we need them;
  • Shows us how we can prevent some of the risks associated with our industry;
  • Protects sex workers, the places where where we work, and clients from the blanket enforcement actions of the past. (We have already been working hard and will continue to build awareness among police and municipal licensing staff about the Trade Secrets Certification program);
  • Ensures businesses and sex workers know how to work in an ethical, healthy, and safe manner;
  • Ensures sex workers are legal age to work in the sex industry;
  • Gives clients a way to demonstrate that they are safe and respectful when booking for the first time;
  • Teaches clients about the industry and how they can participate in the industry effectively and respectfully.

Why Get Certified?

There are many reasons to get your Trade Secrets Certification.

The Bigger Picture...

  • Self-regulation of our own industry
  • Essential health and safety education for new sex workers and a great refresher for veterans
  • Easier for sex workers to screen clients
  • Easier for clients to screen sex workers
  • Legitimizes our businesses in the eyes of outside agencies
  • Increases our health and safety knowledge and enables us to share our expertise
  • Enables third-party investigation of complaints and third-party advocacy on behalf of sex workers and clients without disclosing identities

Access to The Naked Truth Benefits...
  • $50 credit to put towards your ad(s) when you get certified
  • Access to private, certified-member only forums
  • Access to private, certified-member only client screening tools
  • Ability to “Recommend” other certified sex workers and clients
  • Referral credit of $25 to put towards your ad(s) whenever you refer someone to get certified
  • Every time you upgrade an ad, it will automatically appear in the “Certified” listings – a separate page where clients can browse for sex workers who are Trade Secrets Certified
  • Complaints about certified members will be investigated and may result in suspension and/or termination of certification ensuring the integrity of the program

Other reasons...

  • We will be fine-tuning and improving our certification process over time based on feedback from you.
  • We will work to ensure clients are aware of the benefits of seeing a Certified Provider and to increase your earning potential. 
  • Our ongoing ad campaign to raise awareness of The Naked Truth and what getting certified means will build trust and integrity in our industry.
  • Certification is also for business owners. Many business operators are ethical and could benefit from being certified. 
  • Clients will know you are safe and sex workers who are looking for a safe place to work will know too.

Do I have to be Certified to use this site or place an ad?

You do NOT have to be certified to use this site! But it will help others know you are safe and trained. And it will enable sex workers to earn credits to put towards ads and upgrades.

How hard is it to become certified?

We are endeavoring to make certification as low barrier as possible. 

It is completely free and we offer unlimited support. 

SW's will be verified through being vouched for by SW orgs, other certified sw's, and an option to submit ID if they have no access to someone to vouch for them. ID info will be deleted immediately.

Our goal is to ensure that no one is excluded. 

There will be varying costs including credits for signing up and getting certified.

We're looking at "subsidizing" ads for members in crisis. 

If you experience any issues or challenges during certification, please let us know! 

That is how we learn and improve. 

Feedback from you and others will help us to resolve those issues.

How much personal info from Sex Workers do you require?

For most sex workers, they will simply need a sex worker organization or another certified sex worker to vouch for them. 

For others, ID can be submitted, or we can conduct a Skype chat, something to verify their age and involvement in sex work. 

ID will be deleted immediately upon verification and never stored. 

How exactly you are ‘working with’ law enforcement? 

Police are not involved in any aspect of the site or certification. 
We only want them to acknowledge and respect certified workers; think twice about how they respond to complaints when they know a business owner is certified. 

No one's info is being given to police, it's the opposite...
TNT would know you are of age, and that is the end of it. 
Susan Davis has been working with police towards non-enforcement for over 10 years on the VPD committee, Living in Community, and the City of Vancouver Task Force.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) have agreed to recognize the certificate as proof sex workers are of legal age to work in the industry.

This is particularly good for indoor brothel and parlour workers who are often asked to present their ID when police attend to investigate complaints. This way they would not have to show ID. 
The certificate would be enough to prove they are of age to engage in sex work. 

No real names would need to be shown to police and for migrant sex workers, their immigration status or status as a foreign national would be protected.

Currently we are able to call the Vancouver police and talk with them about concerns or questions and they are forthcoming. 
They support the certification program we are implementing and there is hope that we can make the same kinds of inroads with other police departments in BC.

The goal is a safer industry with less enforcement and more self regulation. 

Something like this can't happen overnight and it needs widespread efforts, not the efforts of one small group. 

This is certainly a lofty dream, but we believe in it and we're going to give it a shot. 

The City of Vancouver has also agreed to recognize the certification as meeting business license requirements.
We hope to educate city inspectors to prevent malicious complaints and interruption in work of indoor work spaces.

How much access do the police have? 

The police have no access. Even if we are subpoenaed to submit our info, identity information will have been destroyed, protecting our members from being outed.

Were marginalised groups of sex workers consulted in this process?

We've worked with marginalized sex workers including POC, indigenous, male, trans, indoor, outdoor, and different genres. 

These plans have been under development for 10 years.

And we will continue to improve the site for all members based on feedback we receive from you.

Well, there you have it!

What are we missing?

What other questions or concerns do you have?!

Your feedback is invaluable.

We look forward to hearing from you!
About the Author

Annie Temple has been a sex worker and activist since 1997, but she's been a rebel all her life. In 2000, she founded to support other entertainers by reducing isolation, educating about health and safety, sharing information about gigs, challenging stereotypes, teaching etiquette to customers, and organizing in-person events for charity and to promote ethical businesses in the industry.