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  • Resources and Tools that promote health and safety in the sex industry.
  • Paid gig opportunities delivered straight to your inbox. For instance, researchers looking to interview adult entertainers, managers, and/or clients often offer between $25 and $50 for a brief interview. Many are willing to conduct interviews over the phone or via email, as well. Other paid gigs might include stags, private parties, and other openings in our industry.
  • Square jobs that value sex industry experience. There are many organizations that prefer to hire people with sex industry experience. Whenever we hear of these jobs, you will receive them in your email.
  • Legal updates. Changes to the laws are happening. Keep up-to-date on what's happening with the laws in Canada and how they may affect you.
  • Organizing. Many sex worker communities, including NakedTruth.ca, hold events throughout the year to support sex industry rights and connect with our colleagues in meaningful ways. You will receive event invitations to combat some of the isolation that is often prevalent in our industry.
  • Adult Entertainment Events! Let's show up and support adult industry businesses by attending their events. Events may include stripathons, fundraisers, film  nights, porn awards, ladies nights, and more.
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