About Us

Founder, Annie Temple 

The Naked Truth:

  • Is by and for adult entertainers and the people who care about our health and safety.
  • Promotes health and safety of sex industry workers by providing enlightening blog posts and access to resources. 
  • Connects sex working experts with ethical researchers and paid speaking opportunities. 
  • Supports decriminalization of sex work. 

NakedTruth.ca strives to inform subscribers and social media communities about world events, legislation, organizing, events or other information to support and increase the health and safety of adult entertainers and the people who love us.

We understand that not everyone will participate in activism. However, we want you to know when activism is taking place so that you can add your voice to our activities. You don't have to show your face on TV or come out of the closet at a rally. But we welcome you, in fact, we beg of you - to add your voice to the table.

Send us a private email. Or comment anonymously on one of these posts. Add your voice to the discussion. Share information with us that you have found. You are free to discuss and debate without ever having to disclose.


How We Came To Be

NakedTruth.ca started out as a website for exotic dancers, their coworkers, and customers in 2001. As the site grew, and more people from other areas of the adult entertainment industry began logging onto the community,

Founder Annie Temple decided NakedTruth.ca should be more inclusive. The site was opened up to the diverse array of community members in the adult entertainment industry, from worker to client; from agent to make-up artist; from strippers to webcam workers.

While we had predominantly been a community of female exotic dancers and customers before, we were now a gender-inclusive community of all those who know, love, and work with us.

Who We Are

Our Facebook Community includes but is not limited to:

* Adult Entertainers – Exotic Dancers, Escorts, Exotic Massage Workers, Phone Sex Workers, Adult Film Performers, Webcam Performers, Adult Photography Models, Professional BDSM and Fetish Workers, Peep Show Performers, and Erotic Writers.

* CoWorkers – Drivers, Booking Staff, Photographers, Cinematographers, Agents, Bartenders, Security, Costume Designers, Webmasters, and Exotic Show-lounge DJ’s.

* Business Owners – Escort Agencies, Exotic Show-Lounge Owners, Exotic Dance Agencies, Independents, Bathhouse Operators, Web Cam and Phone Sex Companies, Adult Film Companies, Adult Photography Companies, and Dungeon Owners.

* Allies / Supporters – Friends and Family of Entertainers, Academics, Feminists, Support Workers, Advocates, Politicians, Lawyers, and Health Nurses.

* Patrons – Diverse customers/clients, who access a variety of services from various areas of the adult entertainment and sex industry fields.

*Because NakedTruth.ca is featured frequently and prominently in mainstream media, many people from outside the industry also visit the site.

What We Do

NakedTruth.ca provides resources, information, and support to adult entertainers and the people who love us. We are gender and genre-inclusive, and are committed to reducing stigma, building community, challenging stereotypes, and promoting health and safety. At NakedTruth.ca, we support decriminalization of sex work.

NakedTruth.ca sponsors, hosts, and participates in a number of public events throughout the year to promote adult entertainers' and sex workers' human rights; combat violence against sex workers, de-mystify sex work to the general public, and to promote labour rights and ethical business practices in the sex industry. 

NakedTruth.ca engages in social justice advocacy. We hope to decrease the isolation adult entertainers and sex industry workers face, because we believe isolation leads to violence, internalized oppression, and limits access to health and safety supports.

Join our Facebook group for discussion and connecting with peers. For those 19+ years only.

Canadian Union of Naked Trades (CUNT)

Whores Unite Everywhere!
NakedTruth.ca is also home of the Canadian Union of Naked Trades. We are an informal group of sex industry workers and allies who advocate for labour and human rights for sex industry workers and others who participate in the industry as workers or customers. We each operate on an individual basis incorporating our advocacy work into our lives in a way to remain balanced in other areas of our lives and avoid burn-out. We are support workers, lobbyists, environmentalists, activists, lovers, and anarchists in a web of mutual respect across Canada. Our meetings tend to be social, in nature; a means to wind down with other like-minded folk who know our world. Many of our membership are former industry workers who "miss the old days." If you'd like to become a member of CUNT or start your own chapter, contact annie@nakedtruth.ca.

GVRD / Fraser Valley, BC Chapters

Contact: annie@nakedtruth.ca