News and Events

What Sex Workers and Their Clients Really Want! (Survey Results)
No Murders of Sex Workers in a Decade In Vancouver Under Decriminalization


Your First Time With a Sex Worker?
How To Be A Great Client
Beauty Myths and Tips From A Stripper
Strip Club Etiquette for Boyfriends
What is a SWERF?
Watch a Canadian Sex Worker School A Reporter


Alliance for the Safety of Prostitutes (1981-1987)
Open Letter Against Transmysogyny and Anti-Sex Work Rhetoric in Vancouver
A Tribute to BC Strip Clubs
To Daphne Brahman: Sex Workers Deserve Better Journalism
Why Sex Workers in Vancouver Received a Civic Apology
Sex Workers Listed as "Source of Transmissable HIV" at HIV Conference
Dear Mayor Gregor Robertson: Honour Your Word to Sex Workers
In Remembrance of Lives Lost to Stigma and Enforcement
What's the Deal With The Rentboy Raid?
The Ashley Madison Hack: A Sex Worker's Perspective
Conquering Helplessness in the Wake of the Cindy Gladue Case
Yellow Pages Shuts Out Escorts, Massage
Ontario is Turning Its Back on Sex Workers
Sex Workers in Seattle Speak Out
OMG! Clergy Who Support Sex Worker Rights

Laws and Legal Precedents
Court Enforced HIV Treatment and Testing
Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies
My Rights Are Sex Worker's Rights  
The Legal Situation for Sex Workers in Canada
Kathleen Wynne asks Attorney General to Review SW Laws
Hundreds of Legal Experts Call on Canada to Reconsider Laws
Canada VS Bedford - The Decision is 705 Words 


Ten Signs You Spend Too Much Time In The Stripclub
Sex Industry Memes We Love 
Digital Shorthand for Strippers
Fifteen Signs Your Neighbour is a Stripper

Health and Safety

Busting Sex Work Stigma: You can't catch HIV from money
Conversations That Matter: Sex Workers and PrEP
Sex Workers Are Preventing AIDS, Not Spreading It
The 20 Questions Sex Worker Empathy Game
Why Sex Work is My Only Option
Maggie DeVries Moving Appeal for Decrim Allies

Human Trafficking vs. Sex Work

Trauma Bonds: A Weapon to Deny Agency to Sex Workers


Ten Reasons Sex Workers Are Great Parents
The Client Who Was Ashamed of His Scars
Musings of a Mindful Massage Girl
Pheromones and Ulterior Motives
Regular Customers Who Become Lifelong Friends
The Retired Stripper Blues
Date With A Naughty Schoolboy
I'm Not Your Bad Apple
A Date With the Tickler
Today We Remember and Rally
Why I Support Migrant Sex Workers
What About Married Men?
Client Perspective: It's More Than Just... 

Celebrating Sexuality

Pubic Hair Trends in Pornography and Mainstream Culture
High Rise Voyeurs and Exhibitionists
Sex Outdoors

Sex Worker Profiles

Devon Delacroix: Life After Hard Labour
Meet Madison Winter: Girl Next Door Escort
Emma Alexander's Insights on Sex Work

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