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TEASER! Client Training Quiz...

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The *NEW* Naked Truth website is weeks away from launching!

We thought we'd share a sneak peek of the Client Training Quiz.

The Naked Truth will be offering free, online, health and safety training for sex workers.

We will also be training clients on health and safety, and how to be great clients!

Each certification will include a training manual and a quiz.

For more information about our plans, CLICK HERE.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or feedback of any kind, please let us know!

The following quiz will be given to clients who are interested in becoming "Certified" on The Naked Truth.

Certification benefits clients by teaching you:

  • How to be a great client.
  • Basic health and safety essentials.
  • The laws that affect clients and how you can protect yourself from being criminalized.
  • How to research a provider, so you can feel comfortable booking for the first time with someone new.
  • How to spot exploitation, such as human trafficking.
  • How to safely report exploitation if you witness it. 
  • How to navigate personal relationships with providers.
  • Proper etiquette for different types of sex industry venues.

The guide is very thorough but easy to read and mostly in point form.

The quiz is OPEN BOOK! We make it easy for you to succeed! 

Without further ado, here is...

The Quiz!

Please answer the following questions using your Trade Secrets Health & Safety Manual for Clients. 

This is an open book quiz. If you need assistance please contact the Naked Truth Support Center. We are happy to help! 

You may also use google or ask a friend for help in answering the questions!

1.) What are some benefits of being a sex industry patron? (Check all that apply)

a)       Time spent with interesting, beautiful providers

b)      Expectations for the experience are understood

c)       Thrill of doing something taboo

d)      Entertainment

e)      Tension Release

f)        Sense of well-being that improves physical and mental health

2.) Is it illegal to purchase sexual services in Canada?

a)       Yes

b)      No

3.) Are police in Vancouver and British Columbia arresting sex workers or clients for adult consensual exchanges of money for sexual services?

a)       Yes

b)      No

4.) Should you be ashamed for purchasing services from sex workers?

a)       Hell no! Sex Workers appreciate my business! It is an agreement between two consenting adults!

b)      Yes. It is wrong to enjoy sex worker services.

5.) How can you protect yourself from being outed or arrested? (check all that apply)

a)       Research sex workers before seeing them

b)      Look for professionalism, a good reputation, being established in the business

c)       Be discreet coming and going from appointments

d)      Read their ads and follow their social media to get a sense of who they are

6.) Do sex workers report clients and other people who harass, threaten, or assault them to police?

a)       No, sex workers are too scared of police.

b)      Yes! Sex workers are strong and fearless and don’t take any shit! They WILL report bad experiences when they feel it is necessary.

7.) If a sex worker asks a client or other person to stop contacting them and the person does not stop, can the sex worker report him to police for harassment?

a)       Yes. It is a crime to repeatedly contact a person against their wishes, and it is called harassment and sometimes stalking.

b)      No, repeatedly contacting someone is not against the law.

8.) What STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) can be spread through genital skin-to-skin contact without fluid exchange? (check all that apply)

a)       Herpes

b)      HPV

c)       Syphilis

d)      Gonorrhea

e)      Chlamydia

9.) Why do you pinch the tip of a condom when putting it on? (check all that apply)

a)       To let out any air

b)      To prevent the condom from breaking

c)       Because it makes me look like I know what I’m doing

10.) What should you do if you see a sex worker out in public? (check all that apply)

a)       Walk on by

b)      Ask during a session what the worker would prefer

c)       Respect the worker’s privacy

11.) Do sex workers give discounts to clients they find attractive? (check all that apply)

a)       Yes. Attractive clients deserve special treatment.

b)      No. Sex workers do not care about “physical attractiveness.” They care about cleanliness and being respected.

c)       Sometimes a regular client will get special treatment if a worker chooses but the reasons vary and usually have little to do with physical attractiveness.

d)      Some clients may receive services not offered to others at the worker’s discretion, usually for increased donation amount.

12.) What parts of your body should you pay extra attention to washing before visiting a sex worker? (check all that apply)

a)       Hair

b)      Ears

c)       Armpits

d)      Genitals

e)      Ass

f)        Feet

13.) What are ways to eliminate and manage bad breath? (check all that apply)

a)       Brush and floss teeth

b)      Use Mouthwash

c)       Breathe through nose during session, if possible

d)      Direct your breath away from worker’s face

14.) When do you give your donation to a sex worker? (check all that apply)

a)       Before the service begins.

b)      If using e-transfer, send and allow worker to accept before the service begins.

c)       At the end of the session.

15.) Are price and boundaries negotiable? (check all that apply)

a)       No

b)      Yes

16.) Who controls the session?

a)       The sex worker because it is their service and they are in charge

b)      The client because I’m the one paying

17.) When is it okay to ask questions? (check all that apply)

a)       After fully reading the ad or website and not finding the answer you’re looking for.

b)      During the session.

c)       Whenever I want.

18.) Why might a worker ignore a client? (check all that apply)

a)       He’s asking too many questions without booking

b)      He’s attempting to get free dirty chat through text or email

c)       He’s not following booking procedures as outlined in ad or on website

d)      He has been rude or behaved disrespectfully in some way

e)      He behaved aggressively, or disrespectfully, or pushed boundaries, or something during the last booking that made the worker unwilling to see him anymore

f)        He’s trying to engage the worker in chatting but they are busy and don’t want to chat

g)       He’s calling from a blocked number

h)      He has wasted the worker’s time too many times in the past

i)        He has not shown up for a past booking and did not cancel or let the worker know (no show)

19.) How can you be respectful to a stripper? (check all that apply)

a)       Don’t walk out during a performance.

b)      Clap after every song.

c)       To get attention, lay a tip on the stage.

d)      Refrain from taking photos or video of the stripper.

e)      Don’t bring a jealous girlfriend to the club.

f)        Do not insult other dancers.

g)       Give $5 or more in exchange for posters.

20.) If a sex worker is using manipulation such as crying or getting angry to abuse your generosity, what should you do? (check all that apply)

a)       Say no

b)      Ask for mutual respect

c)       Stop seeing the worker, if necessary

21.) What should you do if you arrive early for a booking? (check all that apply)

a)       Do not arrive early, if possible

b)      If you arrive early, stay in your car or away from the worker’s business/ building until they have told you they are ready to receive you.

c)       Do not knock/buzz/etc to gain entrance before your session time unless you have been given permission by the worker

22.) What should you do if you’ve witnessed exploitation? (check all that apply)

a)       Call Crime Stoppers – it's confidential – 1-800-222-8477

b)      Call the Counter Exploitation Unit or your local police service – if you are comfortable – they may ask for your personal information.

c)       Contact the Naked Truth Support Team and we will take your report to police so your confidentiality is protected

Please contact with any feedback you may have!

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