Monday, June 24, 2019

TNT Update and Guest Post by Hallelujah Annie!

Exciting changes are coming to The Naked Truth!

I can't tell you anything yet, but suffice it to say that you'll definitely be as excited I am!

Please stay engaged and see what  happens over the course of the next  year.

In the meantime, expect a lot more coming out of our blog.

We hope to get between two and four articles out to you each month including updates on what I'm calling TNT Revision #69.

This week, we're bringing to you a neat little piece by Hallelujah Annie telling newbie clients what to expect their first time with a sex worker.

It is also a great refresher for those of you who are old hats at supporting your local SW's!

We love you all and look forward to being a bigger part of your life!

Love Annie Temple and the TNT Crew!

Ask Annie: Your First Time With A Sex Worker?

Guest Post by Hallelujah Annie

I have to say that I am one lucky woman.

I have the honour of being the first sensual massage goddess some of my clients have ever seen.

As you can imagine, many are nervous their first time coming to an appointment.

I would like to set your misgivings at ease.

Newbies...this post is for  you!

And for the rest of you, consider this a refresher! XOXOXO

What to Expect

I can't speak for all sex workers but when you arrive for your sensual massage at my studio, I will buzz you in the front door and you will walk up some stairs to get to my door.

I will welcome you in, ask you to take your shoes off at the door, and show you where the massage will take place.

If you haven't already offered, I will ask you to place your donation on the dresser.

Then I will ask you to go to the bathroom and wash your hands really well. (Money is very dirty.)

I will also wash my hands well after handling the donation. xxoxo

If you are coming from work or you haven't showered directly before coming, you may use my shower facilities. :)

Next, you will undress and lie face-down, naked on the bed.

For the first half of the session, I will focus on your back, the backs of your legs and arms, and get you all relaxed and oily.

The second half of the session you will lie on your back.

I will continue to massage you from the front with a happy ending occurring about 15 minutes before the session is over.

This allows you to relax for a few moments while I pamper you with calming caresses and hugs (if you so desire).

Alternatively, you will have enough time to shower before leaving, if you'd like.

At any time during our session, you may tell me your preferences and as long as you are respectful, gentle, and polite, I will do my best.

If at any time you are uncomfortable for any reason, please tell me.

I am non-judgmental and I truly want your experience to be as good as it can be without crossing my personal boundaries.


Your main job before you arrive or when you arrive is to ensure that you are squeaky clean.

Please don't show up with toilet paper stuck in the crack of your ass.

That tells me you have not showered since your last bowel movement.

The smell of ass wafting up during your massage is not the best way to get me in the mood. ;) 

If you haven't showered directly before coming to see me, please make use of my shower.

I provide shampoo/conditioner, body wash, and fresh, clean towels.

I also provide mouthwash.  

How I Feel About My Clients

I have found that some of you, your first time, are worried about whether I find you attractive or not.

You worry about your body hair or the size of your cock.

Or maybe you worry about whether I consider you "too skinny" or "too chubby."

I can assure you, from the bottom of my heart, your appearance is not important to me at all.

Things I actually care about...

  • Cleanliness
  • Odour
  • How you speak to me (respectfully please)
  • How you touch me (gently please)
  • Whether you're enjoying your massage or not
  • Your likes and dislikes in a sensual massage
  • Whether you are feeling comfortable and relaxed or not
  • How I can ensure you walk out feeling amazing

You see, I am a business woman. 

And YOU are my customer.

You are hiring me to pamper you and make you feel wonderful.

Some of the most pleasurable experiences I've had were with men much, much older than me.

You don't have to be a male model to turn me on.

No matter what you look like... 
I will adore you if you are kind, caring, and clean.

More Resources...

Punting for Dummies (Twitter)
Gosh, I love this man! He gives great advice for being a client of sex workers. Follow him if you can!

Trade Secrets: For Our Clients
This resource is a priceless asset for sex workers and clients. Almost everything a sex worker could want you to know is at this link. Please check it out. xoxo

The last thing I want to tell you all is that I have a sexy surprise cumming to my subscribers very soon! 

I want to thank you for subscribing to my feed with a VERY NAUGHTY photo!

Be sure to subscribe if  you haven't yet! It's free!

In the meantime... It's a business doing pleasure with you. XXX

About the Author

Hallelujah Annie is a mature, former exotic dancer who provides discreet, professional sensual massage services in her own space in White Rock, BC. She also writes sexual fantasies for her fans on her blog at

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