Tuesday, October 30, 2018

How I feel about becoming a sex worker

Guest Post by Hallelujah Annie

I considered doing sensual massage and escorting in the past...many times.

All those times, I was desperate.

It's true. Sex work is an option many of us choose when we're desperate...regardless of our gender.

On more than one occasion, I've gone so far as to set up a website and start grooming customers; learning everything I could from the hos who came before me.

Something or other stopped me each time.
I was not new to the biz. I did other sex industry gigs that didn't involve sexual contact with my customers.

Nude modeling. Stripper. VIP dancer. Private shows in the homes of customers I trusted. Stags. Square jobs too.

But I had fears about doing contact sex work...

First there were the complicated logistics. Where would I work? Out-call is so scary.

I was literally scared at the thought of showing up to random men's homes or hotels. I feared how ashamed my family would be if I got killed doing sex work.

Or what if they didn't hurt me, but they filmed me and released it on the Internet? That shit is eternal.

I obviously couldn't work in my home. Fear of a predator finding out where I live or cops busting me in my home prevented me from even considering it.

I've heard horror stories. Mothers losing their children and even one whose son was arrested because he was over 18 “living off the avails.”

My insecurities played into it. My body had changed enough since my exotic dancer days that I would put my first session off as long as possible.

The truth is, I was not ready to touch men's penises all those times in the past.

By the Grace of God, each time that I almost made the leap, something happened that stopped me.

I got the job I applied for. I got into subsidized housing. My sex worker friends helped me find jobs. SOMETHING saved me last minute.

I never touched a man's penis in all those years for money. Until now.

This time is different...

I am not desperate. 

I am not scared.

I am not insecure about my body. 

This time, I am ready. (I saw my first client last night.)

This time I'm excited to do my part to help heal the world...one penis at a time.

How do I feel about this new career path?

Well, in all honesty, I am relieved as fuck.

I've missed working in the sex industry. It is the place that made me who I am today.

It is the place where I grew up. I became a strong, confident woman alongside incredible, inspiring fellow entertainers.

I am relieved because the square world pays a woman my age shit. The hours suck. The expectations are high.

You're forced to plan your life around their schedule rather than your own (difficult with children).  

And there is no loyalty.

My sex worker friends are fucking loyal.

I am relieved because now, not only will I be able to make ends meet but I will be able to pay debts down, go on holidays, save money, and invest. Doors are opening financially.

I'm relieved because I love helping people. I love that my hands can bring comfort and pleasure to men starved for touch.

I love that my work will mean something.

I'm relieved because I'll be able to drive for my child's field trip and not stress about the four birthday presents I'm buying this month for other people's children.

I'm relieved to feel sexy again. Dressing up. Hair and make-up. Sexy under-pieces. High heels. I feel sexy again!

You know what I don't feel?

I don't feel bad about myself.

I don't feel ashamed.

I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong.

I don't feel pressured into it.

I don't feel exploited. (I'm the one doing the hustling here.)


I feel empowered.

About the Author

Hallelujah Annie is a mature, fit, Caucasian woman. She offers discreet, professional services in her own space in Vancouver BC. She also custom writes sexual fantasies for her fans on her blog at www.HallelujahAnnie.com Pay her to write YOUR fantasy! Follow her on Instagram: @hallelujah.annie and on Twitter @hallelujahannie

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