Friday, April 7, 2017

Ten Signs You Spend Too Much Time in Strip Clubs

By Annie Temple

The other night, I was sitting in the strip club talking to a cherished regular. A song ended...I clapped; he saw me clapping and put his hands together too. Then we realized no one was on stage.

"You know you spend too much time in a strip club when..." I yelled over the next song, laughing. 

That was the inspiration for this post. Please let me know in the comments if I'm missing anything.


10. You clap at the end of a song...that's playing on the radio.

9. You have two Facebook profiles.

8. You don't bother with bathroom stall doors anymore. 

This is what you're used to.

7. Instead of giving your lover a massage, you just pay for one at the strip club. (You're there anyway.)

6. You stash your money in multiple locations on your body. 

5. You've been featured on The Dirty

"What can i say? People are jealous."

4. You have the phone numbers of several drug dealers even though you don't do drugs. 

3. You can find your way relation to the nearest strip club. 

2. There is no topic of conversation in existence that will make you blush.

1. No one understands you except DJ's and Strippers. 

About the Author

Annie Temple is the stage and writing name of Trina Ricketts. Trina is a former striptease artist and a sex worker rights activist, but she's been a rebel all her life. In 2000, she founded to support other entertainers by reducing isolation, educating about health and safety, sharing information about gigs, challenging stereotypes, teaching etiquette to customers, and organizing in-person events for charity and to promote ethical businesses in the industry.

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