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The Art and Practice of Manscaping

Guest post by Wesley of

NOTE FROM TNT: This is a guest post for guys who are interested in body hair management. This post is not intended to shame anyone who chooses not to "manscape."

Let's face it, body hair is just part of being a man. We all grow a varying amount of body hair and if you like it or not it plays a role in your appearance. It can be super extreme with back hair resembling a rug or very thin and hardly noticeable.

This is where manscaping comes into play. Manscaping is much more than shaving below the belt. The actual definition is “removing body hair for cosmetic effect”. By this definition, you may already be manscaping and just never realized it.

Why You Should Manscape

There are the obvious benefits you're probably thinking of, most of which involve your family jewels and we'll include those a little later, but what about the other benefits?

The key to being successful at manscaping is understanding your trouble spots. Some of the more common trouble spots are excessive back hair, chest hair, and patchy growth spots. By taking action and handling these trouble spots you’ll significantly improve your shirtless appearance.

It’s a very easy process to get started with. In the beginning, I recommend getting a good body groomer and start off on a longer setting. Trim the hairs and see how it effects your appearance. You can always continue to lower the settings to cut closer and judge how it changes your look.

Once you've found that either trimmed body hair or total hair removal looks best on your then your next trimming session becomes easier. Another reason to start off only trimming the hair is to avoid the itchiness. However, if you have patchy growth spots it's recommended to completely shave off the body hair.

After a little manscaping, it really boosts self-confidence. Even if you're still wearing a shirt you'll feel different. It's the same way for myself and many other guys. Something about it is just uplifting.

Core Benefits to Manscaping

Body Odor – When you remove body hair you'll retain less sweat and trap less dirt. In turn, you'll naturally smell better. This is a big bonus for below the belt as well.

Self-Confidence – Smell better and feeling better will make you more self-confident. A little confidence can go a long way. Women are attracted to confident men.

Hidden Inches – When it comes to manscaping below the belt you’ll actually appear up to 2” inches longer. You may have heard the term “the shorter the bush the taller the tree”. There’s some truth to that saying. Even though it’s an illusion it isn’t a bad problem to have.

Oral Intimacy – It's almost a no-brainer, right? The less hair you have down there the fewer issues your significant other will run into. No one wants hair in their teeth. You may just be in for more encounters and pleasant surprises.

Before You Go!

I hope this article could shed some light on the art of manscaping. It’s easy to get into and I think it should be a part of all men’s hygiene routine. Just grab yourself a good body shaver, like the Norelco 7100, and you’ll be all set.

About the Author

Wesley is the owner of iManscape. A site for men, beards, and manscaping. If you’d like to see more from him like his recent post on butterfly safety razors check out his website or like iManscape on Facebook.

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