Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Digital Shorthand for Strippers

By Annie Temple

If Strippers used Digital Shorthand, one of their Facebook posts might look like this...

Work last night was a total GS. First I CFG. So, I had no matching UPs. Then I CFS. I was LFS and GAFF. It was just like a TSD, but it happened for real...

Before every show, I had to do a thorough CC because I can't use BWs anymore. The DC with the recent BA said they make her LPs itch too. BTW: Her DDs look quite authentic! I wonder who her surgeon was.

(I'm thinking about getting a BA but I love my IBBs. HQ insists it would increase my SP but I would have to get all new PR and take time off to recover. Plus it takes forever before you can do PW again after a BA.)

While I rushed around getting ready for a HS, the other DC in the LU told me my TSS. I almost forgot to cut it before my show! She told me HAGS but it wasn't meant to be.

During my first show, a DOD pulled a DFF. When I tried to get him tossed, the DJFT was nowhere to be found. Luckily, there was a BTIG. I focused on him and ignored the FRW.

When my show ended, I turned to find my XITH. He's a BAHG I met when I first started dancing. It was a RM. Anyhow, I told him to FO because there was that RGS and I wanted to EMC. Then my ex told me my AZC was glowing in the black lights. I was mortified! I almost went home but stayed for the RGS and to flirt with some MM BAHGs sitting in GR.

During my second show, I almost FOS during my FS because some DOD pulled my blanket when I was standing on it. There was a FRHC who were all over each other through the whole show. Combine that with the FRW and the DGU – I decided not to do VIPs afterall.

On top of everything, because of all the craziness, I FFT! When I looked back, they were gone. Only one REG came to the DJ booth to give me his.

But that didn't stop me from drinking. I almost had to dine on BARF to sober up before my next show. SMH. Thankfully, a REG offered to run out and grab me some takeout.

When I went upstairs, a DC was crying because her BF wants her to quit dancing. I wondered how that FLPP thinks he's going to keep himself in games and clothes but didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Plus, he's a LGD and I don't want trouble when I work there.

The other DC with the DDs was stressing out because she had a SITH. He was a BAHG who seemed harmless when she first met him. He's done some scary shit. I handled it so she wouldn't have to go into the SC by talking to the DDJ (who was working the night shift). Buddy was tossed and the bouncers were on guard for the rest of the night.

During happy hour this club has a MOO which is a HH IMO on that tiny stage. It was right after a WP, so the stage was really slippery. HH X2! I told my DC, “Good luck doing a FP later!” I think she backed out. Safety is number one (especially in these old hotels).

My last show was no better. A DOD pointed out my 2GD and I had a CM when my zipper wouldn't budge. The MG had to reach up and help me get my pants off. BTW, I can vouch for her. Her hands almost put me to sleep.

I left as soon as my last show was over because I had a BC with BBD. He's a PP from way back. NBD. 

I didn't EMC but I made enough to buy a BNC. Well NTMC, anyway. And I was off before the DUO avoiding the DODs and DFFs who come out of the woodwork after those shows. I swear, men are so predictable.

I'm leaving for work now. I hope tonight is better than last night. Come down for a VIP and get a massage! TTYL XXX


AZC – Ass Zit Cream
BA – Breast Augmentation
BAHG – Broke Ass Hot Guy
BARF – Bar Food
BC – Booty call
BBD – Big Buff Dude
BNC – Brand New Costume
BSD – Before Show Doobie
BTIG – Big tipper in Gyno (row)
BWs – Baby wipes
CC – Cookie Check
CFB – Can't/Couldn't Find Bra
CFG – Can't/Couldn't Find G-String
CFM – Can't/Couldn't Find Music
CFS – Can't/Couldn't Find Shoes
CM – Costume Malfunction
DC – Dancer colleague
DDJ – Dear DJ (a good one)
DDs – Double “D”'s
DFF – Dick Flash Fucker
DGU – Drunk girl undressing
DJFT – DJ is a Fucktard
DOD – Drunk Old Dude
DUO – Erotic show performed by two dancers together
EMC – Earn Mad Cash
FFT – Forgot my fucking tips
FLPP – Free-loading peeler pounder
FOS – Fell off stage
FP – Fire performance
FRHC – Front Row Horny Couple
FRW – Front Row Wanker
FS – Floor show
FO – Fuck off
GAFF – Got A Fuckin Fine (As in...a sum of money exacted as a penalty for LFS, dishes left in the change room, and other infractions depending on the club.)
GR – Gyno Row
GS – Gong show
HAGS – Have a good show!
HH – Health hazard
HS – Half show
HQ – Agency you're working for
IBB – Itty bitty boobies
LFS – Late for Show
LGD – Little Gangster Dude
LPs – Lady parts
LU - Line-up
MG – Massage girl
MOO - “Cattle call” (When all the dancers are called onto the stage at the same time.)
MM – Masturbation Material (Referring to hot guys you're not interested in picking up.)
NTMC – New-to-me Costume
PP – Peeler pounder
PR – Promo (posters, keychains, etc)
PW – Pole work
REG – Regular customer
RGS – Rich Guy Spending
RM – Rookie mistake
SC – Strip Club
SITH – Stalker in the house
SP – Show price
TSD – Typical Stripper Dream
TSS – Tampon String Showing! (a.k.a. Total Shock Syndrome!)
UPs – Underpieces
VIP – Private show
WP – Wax Performance
XITH – Ex is “in the house.”
XXX – X-rated kisses

2GD – 2 days (growth) stubble

Other acronyms used in the above post, which are widely used by all:

BF - Boyfriend
BTW - By the way
IMO - In my opinion
NBD - No big deal
SMH - Shake my head
TTYL - Talk to ya later
X2 - Times two (multiplied by two)

Can you think of anymore? Please post in the comments below!

Annie Temple
"Support Your Local Stripper"
About the Author

Annie Temple is the stage and writing name of Trina Ricketts. Trina has 17 years experience as a striptease artist and 15 years as a sex worker rights activist, but she's been a rebel all her life. In 2000, she founded to support other entertainers by reducing isolation, educating about health and safety, sharing information about gigs, challenging stereotypes, teaching etiquette to customers, and organizing in-person events for charity and to promote ethical businesses in the industry. Some of the groups and functions that Trina is associated with are Exotic Dancers for Cancer (now BoobaPalooza), The Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards,Trade Secrets Guide, BC Coalition of Experiential Communities, Canadian Union of Naked Trades, as well as several community sex worker supportive organizations. Trina is a mom of three, a lover of writing and dancing. Currently she continues to run and recently she founded Digital Activist Media - a project to investigate digital activism strategies and share them with other change-makers. Trina's activism efforts have expanded to include many issues, but her main activities involve sex worker and health freedom rights.

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