Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sex Workers' Votes Count #BeatItHarper

Sex workers' votes count!
Red Umbrella March for Sex Work Solidarity,
Vancouver, June 2015
Harper thinks #sexwork votes don't count. We say #BeatItHarper !

First of all, robocalls won't work on sex workers, Harper! Don't you know we invented call screening?

Who is going to take a call from a guy named "Pierre Poutine"?! We're not likely to believe that the polling station has been moved from the West End Community Centre to White Rock, either.

In March 2012 the Chief Elector Officer, Marc Mayrand announced that his office received over 800 complaints that alleged fraudulent calls to voters in as many as 18 ridings - telling them the polling station location for the 2011 Election had changed!

Of course the Conservative Party "absolutely and definitely" had nothing to do with it.

Here's a great timeline to refresh voters' memories:

Don't know who to vote for?

Look at each party's resolution on sex work! You can find them all in this great guide, "Sex Work on the Hill," from Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform (pp. 14-17). The guide also has tips about strategic voting, and answers questions about the election process.

Stand together with sex workers, and say: #BeatItHarper ! Vote October 19!

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