Saturday, August 15, 2015

Conservatives lubricate with oil-based advertising

Red Umbrella March for Sex Work Solidarity. Vancouver, June 2015
What's all this about tar sands ads, Harper? You know you can't do that. You wrote the law. Section 286.4. Knowingly advertising the services of someone else is strictly prohibited.

And you know you can't make lube from tar sands, right? It's water-base lubricants now, not petroleum jelly. Oil-base lube breaks down rubbers. We don't need any more plumbing leaks!

What do sex workers say? #BeatItHarper

Read about the Tar sands advertising scandal.

Conservatives In/Out advertising "false and misleading"

A little of the old in/out in/out, Harper? Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

You KNOW you're not allowed to advertise In/Out. It's your law! Section 286.4 makes it a crime to advertise for someone else's riding.

And what's this about false and misleading claims? Embellishing your assets, tsk tsk. Back at the Supreme Court again. You should get a room.

Read about the In/out election scandal.

Stand together with sex workers, and say: #BeatItHarper 

Vote October 19!

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