Friday, March 20, 2015

Good For Her announces the nominees for the 10th Anniversary Feminist Porn Awards

Toronto, ON, March 20, 2015: On Friday March 20th, 2015 Good For Her proudly announced the nominated films and websites for this year’s 10th Anniversary Feminist Porn Awards (April 15th- 17th)!

Feminist Porn Awards 2014
Our judging criteria are:

  1. Quality – We love to award films that look great. We believe it is possible to make a great-looking film even with a limited amount of resources. We consider such factors as editing, framing, lighting, sound and overall production value when making selections. Attention to detail is appreciated! Story-crafting, acting, music, and direction are all factors that reveal how much care was put into the production of a movie.( Earnest feminism is not enough.)
  1. Inclusiveness – We recognize in a niche-based industry like porn not all films are for all audiences and aren't able to include everyone. But we also love it  when films make an effort to explore sexualities that are often marginalized or ignored by mainstream porn.
  • It’s our goal to highlight and celebrate films that appeal to a diversity of audiences.
  • We like to include films that contain kink, BDSM, and consensual non-consent in a fictional context. We believe that these can be valid feminist fantasies. We do not view consensual BDSM as violence or abuse.
  • We don’t include or support films that rely upon sexual stereotypes. There are way more fantasy options out there and we love it when people are creative.
3. The “it” factor: Movies that showcase a unique perspective are especially appealing, whether this is about the story being told, the interactions between characters or technical aspects like framing and editing. We are always most impressed when we encounter something novel, innovative and exciting that causes us to think about sexuality in a fresh way.
4. Hotness: Bodies are well-lit, framed and shot to perfection, desire radiates off the screen, and all parties involved appear enthusiastic. Plenty of orgasms don't hurt either.
Who are these films for? The movies and websites that we select are for everyone. We wish to introduce all kinds of people to all kinds of different films. We strive to provide pleasurable viewing options for a diversity of audiences so that they can see themselves and their desires reflected on screen. This includes everyone EVERYONE from suburban soccer moms to downtown radical hipsters and all folks in between!

The 2015 Good For Her Feminist Porn Award nominees are:

Title Director

(S)he Comes Petra Joy
Alias and Knives John Bee
Art of Spanking Erika Lust
Between the Headlines Lily Cade
BIODILDO 2.0 Christian Slaughter
Bitch Pandora Blake
Bound By Borders Tobi-Hill Meyer
Doing it Again Vol. 2: Fearless Revealing Tobi-Hill Meyer
Don't Touch Me Lucie Blush
FTMFUCKER Volume 1 James Darling
Fuck Dolls Zahra Stardust, Emerald
FUCKING MYSTIC Courtney Trouble
Galactic Cannibalism Naomi Rutledge
Hearthrob Marathon Zahra Stardust, James Darling, Wolf Hudson
Heavenly Spire Volume 1 Shine Louise Houston
Hello Titty Skyler Braeden Fox and Idan Sagiv Richter
cocopop, Maxine Holloway, and
Siouxsie Q
I Wish I Was a Lesbian Erika Lust
If You Dare Lucie Blush
Instructed Pandora Blake and Ms. Naughty
It's My Birthday and I'll Fly if I Want to Morgana Muses
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size Jessica Drake
JL + DD: Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels
Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap Ons Courtney Trouble
LOVE HARD Gala Vanting
Marriage 2.0 Paul Deeb
Mien Gala Vanting
Momentum Vol. 1 Michelle Flynn
Pachisi The Madame
Pansexual Orgy Pt. 1 Trick
Playing Truant Pandora Blake
Pulsion Ovidie
Put the Needle on the Record Shine Louise Houston
Queen Bee Empire Samuel Shanahoy
Romantic Queer Vintage Trick
Ryan James: Single Handed Ms. Naughty
Shutter Goodyn Green
Tease Ms. Naughty
The Agency Nimue
The Crash Pad's Guide to Fisting Shine Louise Houston
The Fantasy Project Ms. Naughty
The Mechanic Anna Brownfield
The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee Jacky St. James
The Starrlust Experience Madison Young
Trans Lesbians Courtney Trouble
Trans Men Adventures Michelle Austin
Twitterbating Evie Eliot
Waiting For Godot Gala Vanting
Wall of Fire Lisa Ganser
Wanna Ride? Nikki Silver
Xconfessions Vol. 2 Erika Lust


Good For Her is proud to be celebrating ten years as producers of the Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards, the largest and longest running celebration of feminist porn in the world. Since 1997, Good For Her has been creating a nurturing environment where everyone can feel comfortable learning about sex and pleasure. Good For Her takes pride in providing quality sex toys, erotic and educational books as well as DVDs and workshops that empower and celebrate the diversity of everyone’s sexuality.

The Upcoming Feminist Porn Awards Events are:

Erika Lust and Xconfessions a Night of Indie Erotica Wednesday April 15th at the Royal Cinema
Public.Provocative.Porn. Celebratres 10 Years! Thursday April 16th at the Bloor Cinema at 506 Bloor Street West Toronto Canada
Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards Friday April 17th at the Capitol Event Theatre Theatre at 2492 Yonge Street Toronto Canada

Images from 2014 can be found on our Facebook page:

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Toronto ON M5S1H3

Media Contact: Jennifer DePoe 416-588-0900 x 5

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