Sunday, February 15, 2015

Call-Out for Sex Work Experts and Resources

Hello friends and colleagues, is an advocacy and resource website / community by and for sex industry workers that has been
operating for over ten years. reaches hundreds of people every day at its lowest traffic level. We rank high in search engines because people are linked to us from all over the internet world. There is major potential for this site to impact the sex work community in a profound way, but we have been unable to harness that potential for some time.

To identify how can best serve our goal for health and safety in the sex industry, we recently sent out a survey to sex workers, allies, and clients, asking about their interests and challenges. The results can be seen here:

Based on the results, we will be implementing the following new services and resources:
  • Guest bloggers from diverse areas of the sex industry offering their expertise and opinions on topics identified in the research.
  • A comprehensive resource list of studies, films, downloadable training guides, and more. Please contribute to our wiki to help us build this list. will organize the list by topic on the new website, adding new resources as we become aware of them. To help with resource collection, send documents and links to or participate directly. Email me for more information.
  • A speaker's list. We will compile a speaker's list and connect interested organizations with sex work experts. (We've been doing this informally for year anyway.) For our speakers, we will include a biography and photo to help promote them. We ca help organizations find you and hire you. We will also continue to post sex industry and square work opportunities for all members. (Please send them to me with application deadlines.)
  • An FAQ created and collaborated upon through The Naked Truth Facebook Group. I will initiate this campaign soon, so please join the group to participate. (It is a closed group, so your posts do not appear on your friends' and families' walls.)
  • Free Promotion for Non-profits will be re-launched soon via a Wordpress website. Currently, it is housed on Blogger. The official re-launch date is set for June 9, 2015. However, we will begin instituting changes immediately.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I hope you will help us build our resource list and/or consider adding your bio and photo to our speaker's directory. Any comments or concerns will be addressed, so please contact me for any reason.

In solidarity,

Trina Ricketts (aka Annie)

NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: You may experience an increase in emails from us while we integrate some guest blogging into our format. We will try to limit posts to 1-2 per week. Please contact me to discuss, if this concerns you.  

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