Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bill C36 Will Become Law This Thursday

Sex Professionals of Canada made this statement today:

With sadness we inform you that Bill C-36, the anti-sex work laws, passed third reading in the Senate on November 4, 2014, with no amendments. Once it receives Royal Assent, which we believe could be as soon as in the next few days, it will be law across the country.

This new set of laws will ensure violence against us. Keeping criminalization in place will continue the stigma and social exclusion of sex workers.

Bringing forth the Bedford, Lebovitch, Scott challenge was right!

What the Supreme Court of Canada did was just!

What the Harper government is doing is a travesty!

Know this: we live to fight another day! In all of human history, no government, no army, no religion has ever stopped sex work, nor will they be able to stop what is now a global sex workers rights movement.
This isn’t over!

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