Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sex Workers Rights Declarations from Around the World

World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights — Written at the first World Whores Congress the in Amsterdam, February 1985, organized by the defunct International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights (ICPR).

This one you can print and make a poster from:

Sex Workers Manifesto: 10 HighLights – Ten sex workers stood up and each read aloud a statement selected from the Manifesto to create this presentation to the European Parliament.

This is the full version:
Sex Workers in Europe Manifesto – Delegates presented the Manifesto to the European Parliament October 17, 2005. pp. 69-76.

Declaration of the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe – This Declaration was endorsed by approximately 200 delegates (sex workers and allies) from 28 countries in Europe. pp. 77-84.

Taipei Declaration of Sex Workers' Human Rights — Taipei, 1998.

Sex Workers' Manifesto — First National Conference of Sex Workers in India, Calcutta, November 1997.

Sex Workers' Rights Statement from the International Seminar of Sex Workers in Asia and Pacific — Bangkok, Thailand, November 15-19, 2000

Global Network of Sex Work Projects Consensus Statement (2013):

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