Monday, February 17, 2014

Government of Canada Launches On-Line Consultations to Seek Views on Criminal Code Prostitution-Related Offences

This survey will only take five minutes or less.

This survey is worded in a way to try and get people to support criminalization of sex work in some form. Before you respond, please take these thoughts into consideration:

  • We do not need more laws to deal with exploitation. We already have all the laws we need. We have laws for kidnapping, trafficking, assault, financial exploitation, youth sexual exploitation, etc. Therefore, a law to regulate who earns money from sex worker employees is not necessary. Having good managers and safe work spaces depends on not criminalizing business owners. Also, sex between consenting adults is not regulated so why should there be exceptions or limitations in any of the contexts suggested? Please respond to this with full decriminalization in mind. We do not need more laws.
  • Dear Dancers and others who are not "sex workers" or "prostitutes." Remember the "buying sex is not a sport" people who picketed outside the strip clubs a few years back? They are the ones trying to criminalize prostitution. I know dancers are not prostitutes but many of us did nude modeling, webcam, adult film, and private parties on the side. The same people who are trying to criminalize prostitutes' clients are the ones who want to close down the strip clubs. They are in good with the Conservatives. We need lots of people to respond to this consultation saying no, we don't support criminalization of sellers, buyers, or business owners (those who profit from others being "prostituted" are the words they use in this consultation). I hope some of you will respond. It only took me five minutes. Adult consensual sex should not be regulated whether money is exchanged or not. If they succeed, they will go after the rest of the industry next. Even dance clubs in Sweden (nordic model) are illegal and underground because of the laws that criminalize the customers.
  • Consider the term "prostituted women." It has been used against all women in sex industry including dancers, models etc. It ignores that men and trans people are also sex workers. And it was created to demean us. Sex worker exclusionary feminists created that term and our government uses it! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
 To summarize:
  • Decriminalization is the best option.
  • We do not need new laws because we already have laws to protect us from exploitation.
  • Paying customers are not the enemy. They are paying customers!
  • Business owners who hire and run sex industry businesses are not exploitative pimps. They are business owners. We already have laws to protect us from exploitative business owners.
  • The Conservative government wants to regulate sex!. They want to say who can or can't have sex by taking away the option to pay for it. They are great at taking the rights of their citizens away. Don't fall for their propaganda!

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  1. Stephen Harper's prostitution poll lets Canadians choose whether they prefer anarchy or a police state. Harper knows that Canadians are finally ready for something like New Zealand's successful regulatory approach. That's why he didn't list that option.

    Government prostitution survey full of ‘loaded’ questions, Monday, February 17, 2014